Friday, March 21, 2014
What a week! What a busy, fast, blurry, and fabulous week.

Law school news is trickling in. Wish the news was pouring in full and fast, but at least we have at least one, maybe two, more options to choose from. At least we're going to law school somewhere!!! The unknowns we've seen up ahead for so long will soon be resolved. Huzzah.

Law school stuff and some other stuff took us to Salt Lake City on Wednesday. Olivia and I were thrilled to have an entire day doing (nearly) everything differently - like eating out for lunch, eating lunch with Elise (!!), learning about fountains and that they're not bathtubs, and riding escalators. The one normal thing we did was rock-collect (surprised?). Olivia gathered up a big pile of pebbles and placed them in her stroller as we walked around Temple Square and City Creek, her chest puffing proudly like penguin as her finds gradually got bigger and better. She was so happy. It's the simple things, I tell you.

Photo: post lunch, just before Elise ran back to work. Note Olivia's right fist - clutching one of her rocks :)
We were up against decisions this week - all about good things. Except you know how one choice may be really, amazingly, awesomely good, but there is a best choice? I found myself wanting to be so still throughout the week, in an attempt to better nail down some best choices - both for me personally and for our family. I did a media fast for a few good days for the cause...I have yet to regret stepping away from the screens and news feeds. Catch-up is pretty easy, and that cleanse is so good.

We're fed, clothed, learning, and loving. Life is good, isn't it?

P.S. My one link for this Friday is this - some delicious direction about navigating the "good, better, best" stuff. 


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