Friday, March 14, 2014
Olivia woke up from her nap yesterday to monkeys. Caravan Shoppe sent me a goodie bag for winning their #createwithcaravan contest last week (it was a happy thing that they picked my photo because I've never won anything), and between three prints, some Olliblocks, and cute magnets was the game, "Match That Monkey." Miss O. went to work the second she saw those chips...

Her concentration reminded me of when she first experienced the splash pad. I love what happens to her when she sees, feels, tastes, or touches something new. She is all business. We've never punched circles out of a board before, so that was new. She's never seen so many real-life-looking monkeys before, so that was new. Let alone in a miniature size, shaped like a circle. Experiencing "new" via playing means work for her. And as everybody knows - working for something is the catalyst for growth.

Playing is work for a child!

And, actually, playing is work for me. Do you realize how creative you have to be to keep a little mind stimulated and growing?? In the right ways? I mean, iPads, happy movies, and educational apps are awesome, but children are becoming addicted to technology today - video games, especially. That's heartbreakingly sad, because who's the overseerer in that realm of life? Parents, hopefully. We can say "yes" to tech, but it's also our job to say "no more."

End of tangent. Sorry. I'm just a serious believer that my mothering and Ryan's fathering will make Olivia so much of who she will be. We are the framers of her life, and we want to build her up so well.

So that's why playing with a toddler is incredibly fulfilling and why being a mother is pretty amazing. I am a satisifed, accomplished woman when we play because she's working - and thriving.

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5 | One of my wildest dreams is to be a certified yoga instructor and to certify via 3B Yoga. If you're near Provo, go catch a class!! One of my bests and I went on Tuesday after the babes were down (the husbands were home). We were in heaven

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