Monday, March 17, 2014
We were home again in sweet Santa Clara.

We're so lucky (and we're grateful for this luck) - we can skip down there for a hot weekend. Those weekends, though, they know how to fly. We seem to hardly unpack our bags and then, bam, we're headed back up north. Those weekends are worth it, though. Every time.

In a year from now, if we're living far far away, I'll be wishing (I know this!) that I took more advantage of I-15, our parents' homes with room to run, and big, grassy backyards. I'll miss attending church with my grandparents, six sets of aunts and uncles, cousins (too many to count), and the people that I grew up with and that loved me into adulthood. I'll miss my incredible little brothers - all five of them (they started out as Ryan's, but now I claim them entirely)! Those boys are too good to Olivia not to absolutely adore, and those boys and Ryan are a sight to love.

They slept in the tent on Friday night. Under the stars, in between blankets, and squished next to each other, I think they were happier than every last Lost Boy in Neverland...


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