Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Maybe it’s because we haven’t done anything like that in the 2.75 years of our marriage. Packing two small bags, jumping on a jet plane, and letting the wind guide our days away – without a schedule, checklist, or diaper in sight. Maybe it’s because we talked about doing this seven months ago, but push came to shove and we had to say “later.” Maybe it’s because he surprised me! On the morning of Valentine’s Day, his clues around the living room led me to an envelope – not one stuffed with a love letter and a “Be mine," but a plane ticked and a "Let's go!"

I think that's why my head is still up in those clouds and my heart is still bursting from riding a 7-speed bicycle. Up and down those hills, across a golden bridge, and around a gorgeous bay, we had a day to be us. And we had soooo much unbelievable fun. Pretty sure it’s because of that that we left a part of our hearts in San Francisco.
Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge was too good for words! Wedged between the edge of America and the rest of the bay, that ride is beautiful. Our first ride across ended way before we were ready, so we turned around - riding fast - and then back again - riding slowly. Had to soak it all in!

We followed the advice of our brilliant friend, Charity, about where to rent bikes, how to start the ride, and what to do from the bridge's end. Because Charity is that awesome at having a blast and loving that city, the only any research we did about how to tackle SF was via her Official Guide to San Francisco. Do not go anywhere else for ideas when your planning your next trip. Thank you, Charity!! 

Riding the bridge took us to Sausalito - an awesomely quaint mini-city that we did not spend enough time in...
Because we had to catch the Golden Gate ferry that shipped us across the bay to...
The charming Ferry Building and its gorgeous farmer's market. No really, the market was beautiful. First, the flowers. Oh, those flowers! I'm a sucker for flowers. And then that food! We learned that the Bay Area has a thing for legit, home-grown organic food via Charity - and all the vendors' samples. Actually, we didn't even buy lunch because those good souls gave us enough smidgens of their dried fruit, raw almonds, and fresh yogurt to fill us up.

Then we turned right onto Embarcadero and just kept riding. Passing downtown, the piers and Fisherman's Wharf...
We eventually turned up into the hilly streets. We found ourselves on Lombard, and biked up to "the" famous part of Lombard (on the left), and then down that famous Lombard (on the right). As crazy as we looked to everyone around there - "Who are those bikers??" - that ride rocked
My favorite house on Lombard Street (probably the only house that convinces me that a blue house is a good thing)!
The street. Bricked and beautiful :)
Eventually, not by any plan of ours, we were looking up at the famed Ghiradelli Square (the free samples of chocolate there were nice)...
And then we stopped on Van Ness Avenue to soak up where we'd been and the ocean straight ahead. So the people of SF? So nice. We got directions easy and had some awesome convos. Like with Mandi, the photographer (she's showing that her app plays video of her photos). She was so vibrant and energized, a perfect example of how warm and exciting we found San Fran to be.
The most trusty bikes - hers and his! The first date that Ryan and I went on just because we wanted to be together was a bike ride. We tandemed up to and through Snow Canyon State Park, and I remember thinking then as we pedaled fast and screamed from the all the joy that I could probably fall in love with that guy...and so I did :)
Do I daresay the day was perfect? Totally. It was perfect. Need I say any more? Nah. 


  1. You guys should settle in Northern California :) It's the best!!

  2. be still my heart! This post!

    I'm so happy you two got to have an adventurous get away! You deserve it, thats for sure :)

    and, oh my, STUNNING photos!

  3. This is an incredible post. Looked like you loved San Fran.

  4. San Francisco is my favorite! looks like such an amazing trip!!!! oh and jen... i love that you still rock your jru bag!!!! xoxo

  5. SF is on our list of places to go. So cool!

  6. I feel like I just took a vacation looking at these pictures and catching up on your blog. And I now want to go on a vacation with you too :) Beautiful pictures, writing and person. xoxo


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