Wednesday, March 5, 2014
So we actually stayed in Palo Alto during stay in the Bay Area last weekend. Our (incredibly gracious and awesome) friends that we stayed with live there – attending Stanford, naturally. Ohhh my, that area is so lovely.

The rain was pouring in Palo Alto when we first drove in, so between the dark sky and watery windshield, all we could initially see was green. The bushy trees, the forest-y trees, and the tropical-y, cascading trees makes the area stunning. We just needed 40 minutes, though (we first spent some time inside), and we walked out to the new, water-and-color saturated world that makes up Stanford City.

Seriously. That 8,180-acre campus is so huge that it’s technically “Stanford City.” No one that we talked to deemed themselves as being from Stanford City – Palo Alto dominated – but still. Stanford City exists, with its own zip code and all.

And it was one of the most beautiful campuses/cities/places we’ve ever seen.

The Memorial Church - a literal gem of not only the campus but the whole area. Mrs. Stanford paid for it to be built to honor her deceased husband, and between that purpose and the church's splendor, you can feel that the place is absolutely special. We were too late to tour the church, but on Sunday we attended a non-denominational mass before going to our church meetings in Menlo Park. And oh, if only I could share a picture of its interior!! Next time?

Campus' buildings, to me, mirrored old, Spanish manors. Embellished with mosaics and with intricately carved archways, the corner of campus that we had time to see felt semi-regal and yet so warm. AKA, they were stunning. And all the rain that canceled out CA's coveted, sunny skies? It just saturated the greens, tans, and reds, making the whole place even more vibrant. And simply beautiful...can only imagine that the other 8,000 acres are just as sweet. Way to be awesome, Stanford (City) :)

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  1. You know how everyone has at least one crazy aunt? Yeah, mine live in Menlo Park. She's great though. Really. What a great place and wonderful school! Hope your law school process is going well.


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