Tuesday, March 18, 2014
"Thank you" is a fabulous phrase.

It means a lot, doesn't it?

I remember my mom melting a little whenever I did two things growing up: cleaning without being asked and telling her "thank you."

Now that I'm Mom/now that I'm more of a grown-up, I get why that expression meant so much and why it means so much. "Thank you" says I love you!, you're awesome, how are you so amazing?, your effort to help meant the world!. your example is so needed!, I know how hard you worked for me, you are thoughtful, you are kind, et cetera, et cetera. At least, that's the gist of the "thank you's" I've received in the last long while. And I have loved what they've meant.

I've been trying to say "thank you" to others more often. "Thanks" via email and the phone are efficient, but aren't words written with wet ink on fresh paper inherently lovely? So I've been trying to write more of these "thank you's," attempting to make them real and really from my heart.

Because gratitude changes everything. Both when it's received and given back.

(I've gone an extra, unnecessary [but very fun!!] mile when time permits in this endeavor - stuffing my "thank you's" in homemade envelopes. I use this contraption and love it. Read my how-to for that tool on the mother blog, if you feel the need!)


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