Friday, March 7, 2014
I've mentioned Caravan Shoppe before because I love their stuff, I admire the creatives behind it, and I adore their purpose. True to form, Caravan is doing something awesome - on Instagram! They're running a series called #createwithcaravan, where they pick a word each week and you create anything you want that runs with the theme. This week I'm joining in because the word is a fabulous one: hero! I didn't want to pass it up.
I hear the word “hero” and I think of those people that serve more than is expected of them. They overcome odds with grace. They stay true, kind, and steady when they have good reason to snap. Heroes I know stand taller than their surrounding or situation – not in a proud way but in a positive one – and their height above the rest helps others look up!

Like my sweet mom and my strong dad (the story of their heroic souls deserve its own post, it's that good). 

Marjorie Hinckley! I was drawn to that blessed woman at a crossroad in my life, and my life changed when I chose to follow her path of optimism. Infinitely for the better. 

My easy-going, smiling neighbor with a 3-year-old, a set of 2-year-old twins, and a husband that goes to school during the day and works a night shift as a nurse. She smiles - all the time - and laughs. She stands tall in the world of mothers.

Every one of my sisters is a hero, because each serve way more than is expected of them (especially our little family). And my brothers are strong and brave, blazing trails for the families both present and future. Man I love them.

I know so many, really, when I see heroes for who they are - those who stand tall and inspire me do the same. 

Fave Links!

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