Friday, February 14, 2014
He came home from work with a grocery sack in hand - tucked behind his back. "No peeking," he told me.

"I won't!" Then I tried to peek.

My sweet sister valentine'd us a box of granola, and I made up for my poor, peeking behavior (which was fruitless) by showing him the cereal and asking him to join me for a CP. He was thrilled. We only have cereal on special occassions, holidays, and date nights. Tonight was a grand slam: he came home from work (every day's most special occassion), it's Valentine's Eve, and I ask him to a CP.

He's in the back room now, fixing me up a valentine. "No peeking," he keeps saying. This time, I won't.

Hey Ryan - my best valentine - my heart still drops when I think about my first kiss, which was our first kiss. Our song still says it best, just like it did when we were 18. I still don't know if I'm actually funny or if you're just nice (your easy laugh still kills me). I still can't shake that I am your wife and that you are my wonderful. I still feel like climbing mountains with you - the big kind that we've already seen on this path, and the even bigger ones up ahead - and that as long as my hand is in yours, we can. I still know that you will do great're already doing them! I still feel so in love. We are incredibly better together, and I am my best when I am with you.

Happy V-Day, love, my best friend forever.

The end.

Favorite Links 

1 | My friend, Kate, just launched her atly class, Bookbinding 101. Lucky me, I got to take the photos for the course. Fun project. Goooo Kate!

2 | Why Temples? Cool, concise clip.

3 | This kitchen makeover. Awesome. Those bold colors paired with all that white? My fave. 

4 | This was Momegranate's feature of the week, in my book. Those bags.

5 | All the leather over at The House That Lars Built. How cute are these?

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  1. you're amazing Jeni! I love the way you write :) happy late vday.


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