Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring! That green grass is proof that it's coming. So is the rain, the sunshine, and the jackets. That smell has been caught wafting around - that fresh one that comes with brown, wet soil. The kids and us mamas are gathering outside again. They're running around and we're talking. We're chasing them around (like, sprinting after them sometimes - why are children drawn to the street??) and they're laughing. My Olivia girl is exploring. Watching her discover is a thrill - a simple but real one for a mother. 
Spring. Mm! Isn't it a relief to feel and see and smell after a few months of gray skies and cold air? This's something I'm thankful for. It's a glimmer of the good, warm, and bright change that's on its way. It's a reflectin of the fact that good, warm, and bright change always comes after the cold. I love it. Can't wait for it all to keep coming (so, Utah, don't be bipolar, per usual. Please?)

Olivia's friends and their mamas had the same vibe as us that day - "Outside!" - we found ourselves outside at the same time, unplanned. It took those girls about three seconds to pick up their hold habit of stooping. Remember the last time these wee three did this? 
(the oldest of the three was over it, though, pretty quickly and on to some real playing ;) 
Still adoring these girls and their friendship with my whole, bursting heart. I love that even the youngest of need good friends.

All is so well. 

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  1. so good to see Olivia and Natalia together laughing in the last picture! makes me miss Wymount and you and Stacie!


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