Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Today as I lived motherhood, I thought about this perfectly imperfect, staged family photo from Ryan’s birthday. You see, I had the camera on a timer and tried to get us all set up for a great shot – for his birthday! – but Olivia wasn’t on board. She was on us, actually, crawling around, being 17-months-old. Which is exactly life as we know it. It’s very intentional but even more fickle, ever demanding of laissez-faire, the tag line "all is well," and the singing of "Que Sera, Sera."

My dishes are only half-done, but my house is totally tidied. My groceries are still waiting for me to buy them at Sprouts, but there is still food in the fridge. My legs aren’t shaved, but I'm showered and clean.

I mean, the glass could be totally full, but whatev. It's half-way there.  

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  1. Aaaaand you're the most briliant writer alive. I spy pink nail polish? xoxoxoxoxox praying for this weekend.


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