Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flowers, anyone? For Valentine's Day? :) Confession first: I bought two awesome kits to make those crepe paper flowers for an entirely different reason. Second confession: often my first ideas aren't that good, and I have to get real creative in coming up with Plan B. My better Plan B for these flowers - boquets for valentines? I topped the little gifts off with washi tape sheets, the detail-cherry on top.

Here's the how-to, in case you're feeling crafty and want some flowers for V-Day, too...

Use the washi sheets, white cardstock wrapped into a cone, and crepe paper flowers. 
Wrap the cone in the Shape N' Tape. It's really sticky, actually, so prep well and wrap tightly + slowly! Using Shape N' Tape was slick, because all I had to do was wrap it around the paper - no cutting and pasting more cardstock.
I whipped out the sheets for another project - magnets for my fridge. Via clothes pins. I used these magnet sheets to make them work, and here's the how-to: washi tape the front of the clothes pin, slap a strip of magnet on the back.
And if you think I initially bought those clothes pins to turn them in magnets...pff! Of course not :) And of course, I like Plan B for the clothes pins better.

Happy Valetine's Day (almost!!!) This is a fab holiday. This is a good month! I think I'm in love with you, Feb...


  1. Jeni, if you started a class on how to live life, I would pay BIG bucks to attend. You are too awesome.

    1. There'd be copyright issues there - the Laneys would have to sue me for 1) stalking them, so that I could learn about really living life, and 2) for selling their secrets. xoxoxoxoxo. You never fail to make my day.


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