Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Photo: from a smashing New Years Eve husband-wife dance party, during which we reenacted our high school moves and roared with Katy Perry about having the eye of the tiger. It rocked. 

How do I bottle up the new year’s energy and keep it for the next 364 days? I’m basking in its rays right now and I never want it to leave.

It doesn’t have to leave, actually, because it’s a vibe from enjoying the present!!! I'm just enjoying New Years here - what it is and what it means - which is why I think I'm feeling so motviated and good. That's another reason why one of my resolutions for 2014 is to enjoy what’s happening right now. I am dead-set on loving today versus wishing for what’s going to happen next.

You should have seen me three years ago – I was daydreaming of marrying Ryan (seriously!), being a college graduate, and having all the time in the world to progress just as I pleased. I lived then for the life I’m living right now, and yet, in the last three years I’ve daydreamed of the next three years – our life as a family in law school in another state, embarking on grand adventures, and charting another course. I've tended to wish for my tomorrows too much. This year I want to soak up my todays.

“What are you waiting for?” - I'm going to ask myself that all year long. Because seriously, what am I waiting for? What more do I need to totally love everything about where I’m at and what I’m doing right now? Nothing!

I think my soul is rejoicing already that I’m choosing to live more for today and not for tomorrow. I just feel lighter and it feels so good.


  1. I like it Jeni! Great way to start the next adventures :)


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