Monday, January 27, 2014
Today called for a chunky sweater and a hatless toddler. I felt heat from the sun on my face and got the chills, because my freckles made a small comeback and it’s still January (!!!)

We walked to campus in that sunshine to find our Man. Totally, I know how lucky we are to have lives that so often and so easily intertwine. Although sometimes I do forget that. I forget that Ryan goes to school 15 minutes down the road, he works across the street, and he eats dinner with us every night (but, of course, some nights he dines and dashes). He is so home! And if he isn't here, then we are often down there - his shameless stalkers. I'm crossing my fingers that law school will have the same set-up. Big dream, I know, but I am so grateful that we see each other in a day. Time with my sweet husband is a spoil that I seriously enjoy. And if Olivia could (totally) talk, she'd say the same about Dadah. 

…I watched Olivia and Ryan together today and felt baffled. It happens on occasion. Seriously, they're really mine?? Yes! My husband. Our daughter. My family. Swallowing all of that is hard sometimes, only because it's so much goodness to take in. I am his wife and her mother! Sweet.


  1. got the chills reading this. :) Love the sweetness of life.

  2. Jeni, you're the sweetest. So precious.


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