Friday, January 31, 2014
Even though our last weekend home was kind of rough, we did get out on a couple hikes, glory hallelujah. St. George was made for hiking. I took the camera on our trek to Split Rock - a secret place my dad discovered years ago while hiking these parts. The trail to Split Rock crosses paths with other well-known hikes (like to the caves below), but I don't think many know about the actual Split Rock. Or how to get there :)
I heart STG. The longer I've lived away the more I love its novel beauty and awesome people. Although - I really love Provo, too. I was born and raised here til the ripe age of 14, you know, so it's also home. That's why most days I want to smoosh the two cities together and live in paradise. Dreaming!

This week's favorite links...

1 | Itching to take atly's Frugality Camp Bundle.  I've had the budgeting bug since November, which has been very good for me, and I need to learn more more more!

2 | Brittany Watson Jepsen, one of my fave creatives as of late. She glows. I like her. 

3 | Charity Eyre is another glowing lady in my life. She adventures in the Bay Area. Her zest and honesty is so refreshing. I love her.

4 | Winning Boden's Pinterest contest would be a dream

5 | Is anyone else jamming to Frozen's soundtrack? Olivia and I have been busting moves to Love Is An Open Door. That girl can dance, and that song brings out the musical theatric in me (I was once a performer, did you know?), so we love it. 


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