Friday, January 10, 2014
What a week.

Ryan finished his law school applications!!! Couldn't be happier to say "sayonara!" to those really big bad boys. Ode to Ryan. If I were the one applying to law school, I think I would've quit a year ago at the first crack of the LSAT prep book. Actually, that's basically what I did back in 2011. We were engaged, and I tackled the LSAT for about a 1.5 months until I was like, "Sayonara!" Okay, I kid a bit, because I always thought I'd go to law school (it just didn't feel right for me to pursue once I was there). The potential the law has to do great things is something I've long-loved about that field - a field that needs some honest and moral movers and shakers. Lucky me, Ryan is going to law school and he's taking this wife with him. We want to be in that filed, moving and shaking for good, and heaven knows we've worked our tails off to get there (I say "we" and I mean it. Someone will have to keep my man sane. And fed).

And since Wednesday - Olivia indeed got better! I was wiped out yesterday with something, but thankfully, I've indeed improved.

We R Memory Keepers is at CHA this weekend, and before getting sick, I made bakery boxes and did letterpress work for their display. Have I mentioned how refreshing it is to create with your hands? Creativity - even the attempt alone - feels so good.
Finally! My brother Nick is coming home. Tonight. He has completed his two-year mission. He taught the gospel of Jesus Christ in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I wrote a post about him back here. I am bursting to see him. Nick and I are 18 months apart, AKA we grew up being very imaginative, very adventurous, and very loyal friends. 
Fave Links!

1 | Swell Mama. I'm reminded how much I resonate with treating your body well via food and exercise every time I read a blog like Swell Mama. Keeps me in the zone.  

2 | Speaking of exercise, you can have a taste of Physqiue 57 here, here, and here (is it obvious yet that I love Physique?). 

3 | The Anthro Blog - have you seen it? This post made me smile, and this post reminded me that I'm coveting a juicer.

4 | I'm in the middle of taking a design class from Alma Loveland. Her first four Pinterest boards are integrated into the class, and heavens, she's genius. 

5 | Stephanie Nielsen's post today. She took the words right out of my heart and I add my "amen!" I, too, am a prophet-following Mormon. I cherish my faith in and my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I worship Jesus Christ. He is the light, the life, and the hope of the world. Read my favorite piece of writing about Jesus Christ here (I memorized it three years ago while studying abroad in Jerusalem. It is so worth the mental space).


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