Wednesday, January 15, 2014
I watched yesterday pass feeling so relieved. Not because it was hard, but because it was so good. 

Yes, it was 10:00 PM when Ryan finally got home, and yes Olivia was still awake (bless my heart and hers, a 10:00 bedtime hasn't happened before). I watched them play together like it was 6:00 PM and my heart did that bursting thing. I am so grateful for my Ryan! The man puts off this peaceful feeling without even doing anything, which is something I didn't know I was missing before I married him. And I am so grateful for my darling, happy, not-sick-anymore, not-teething-anymore, dancing, demanding, laughing, bursting Olivia.

Olivia and I went a walk outside - to and from campus - in sunshine!!! Feeling warmth from the sun, even just slightly, relieved me, too. We had Jambas with Nick and Kimbee, because Nick used to bring me Jambas on Tuesdays before his mission and before I graduated. Spending the whole morning away from the apartment with them was a relief. Outside, walking, people, laughing, did me some much needed good.
So today I'm feeling grateful, especially for last week's gloom (now that it's over - isn't that how it always goes?). It's contrasting so well with this week's joy, and helping me soak up this back-to-normal peaceful home and good health. Hard times are OK. They make life's good times all the more amazing.


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