Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Yesterday was hard on me. At least for moments here and there.

Olivia has a virus – this fever thing that we’re just supposed to wait out like you do a snowstorm. Today is day 1½ with this bad health, and I am hoping it can be our last. I am wussy with this kind of thing.

I don't like to see Olivia being not-so-Olivia. Last night in the bathtub, she only sat and stared at the water flowing from the spout – hardly blinking and hardly smiling. I’d never seen that side of my splashing, jabbing, laughing water-babe. “Olivia? Do you want to get out?” I asked, and she said “Yeah.” I pulled her onto my towel-covered lap. She leaned against my chest and fell asleep, hair and skin still dripping.

I wrapped the towel around her and cried those silent tears. They weren’t fearful ones; she’ll be better soon. My heart, though, felt that feeling for my darling girl that seasoned mothers will mention – that love that hurts to feel.

And I am wussy when it comes that kind of thing. Please bless that Olivia never has to ache too much. I think her pain could kill me.

Let's hope that today is happier. And easier. Hoping!!

Photo: not from last night’s bath, clearly. She’s bright-eyed here. This one was from a few nights ago. I snapped it because earlier that day I re-read something by Maya Angelou (that I’ve long adored) about loving moments with your children because one day those moments will be gone. More thoughts on her perfect words coming soon.


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  2. Oh sweetie, hang in there! Sick babies really cause the heart some pain. Thinking of you and sweet baby Olivia! Get better soon.

    PS The comment above by Pam Young was me... I forgot to log off my mother-in-laws account after doing some work for her. Oops!


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