Monday, January 6, 2014
So last week I made Olivia a “quiet toy” for church – you know, one of those eye-catching, entertaining somethings to render her speechless.  I copied my sister-in-law’s genius (she made something like this for my nephew that he loved). I bought a cute container, exacto-ed a hole in the top, and found the perfect pompoms for little fingers to pick up and push through the gap.  I was pretty dang sure that Olivia would adore, and I was excited to see her obsession…

Pfff, obsessed with pompoms and a jar? Please ma! Olivia gave my little project about 2 minutes of her playtime, and even though I still took it to church yesterday – hopeful – she was still like, “Meh.”And I was like, “Ugh.”

But it’s okay. That reject quiet toy and a convo I had with a friend helped me zero in on my third attitude-of-a-resolution for this year: I’m going to be more satisfied with processes, not just products
The pompom jar, a while after its first rejection. See? I put some thought into this one - I mean, that jar is actually cute. Whatev, I'll play with it :) 

AKA, I don’t want my feelings about experience A or B to be remembered by the final result so much. Ryan and I have some really big and bright hopes for our family this year, but there are X factors out of our hands - realizing some of our goals isn't totally dependent upon us. So this year I’m going to love the experiences headed our way because of what I’ll learn from them, not just because of their outcomes. I think I'll enjoy all the steps of my 2014 hike, and not dwell so much on the summits. 


In other news. Olivia now has enough hair for bed head!!!! And lately she’s been sooo Miss Independent – “I’ll eat this yogurt by myself, thank you.” I think I love her. This Olivia is the funnest Olivia yet. 


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