Friday, January 17, 2014
And then we drove back to St. George, and we could not be happier to be home again. Olivia and Taive buddied up and took on Gwama Gubla's (Grandma Gubler) tub last night. My water babe nearly died of joy - she was swimming in that big thing. I just said this, but really, seeing Olivia happy makes me - man, I don't even know what words to use! - overjoyed, relieved, HAPPY, fulfilled? At least all of that and plus some. 

Feeling that joy, and reading scripture after scripture this week about joy (like this simple one), opened my eyes to something that I really have to believe and run with - Heavenly Father wants me to be so happy. If I'm not doing what brings me joy, then I need to get up and get going!! I need to go running, letterpress, and have brunch with those friends.  I need to have a dance party with my whole fam - this weekend. I need to keep dancing with Olivia (she loves it)! I need to vinyasa and savasana. I need to wake up at 6:00 and watch the sunrise. I need to date my Ryan - sushi, maybe? - and soak him up like I did before we were married. 

To do what makes me happy - that's all God wants for me. I know that. Happiness is everything - it's the only thing - that I want for my Olivia.

Here's to a seriously happy weekend. It has so much potential!

Favorite Links!

1 | Can't give the Bible Videos enough credit for helping the life of Jesus Christ become so real for me. Here is the newest one.

2 | The Creative Collaborative! I heard about this a long time ago, but finally checked it out. Their philosophy: focus on collaboration, not competition. I like.

3 | Be nice - as in no making fun. This study makes me want to hug every underdog in every P.E. class in the world.

4 | One day, when I'm really ambitious, I'll make this pillow in a bunch of different colors for our red couch.

5 | The photos of these gorgeous flowers!

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  1. You are in St.George again!!! Do you want to meet up, do play date, have lunch, whatever???? Have you been to the st.G children's museum?? It is uber fun!! We should go together!!


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