Thursday, January 30, 2014
So my sister, Annie, is also a stalker. She scoured my Pinterest boards pre-Christmas and saw that I pinned these alphabet flash cards forever ago, and as a gift from her to Olivia and me, she printed and laminated them for us (brilliant approach, right?) The cards are minimalist and bright and smart and I adore them. It's about time they got off Pinterest and into our hands! Thank you, Aa!! 

For my "paper goods" project this month, I used the Crop-A-Dile to top off these beauties. I wanted to compile them when I frst pinned them - into a book maybe? But the put-them-on-a-ring idea totally wins. This entire project was done in T-20 minutes because... 
the Crop-A-Dile is slick. The tool has a hole punch on each side (that cuts through leather, paper, thin plastic, etc!), and the main end of the tool sets the eyelet or grommet. For example...

I punched a hole in the laminated card (left). I put an eyelet in that hole and then "squished" the eyelet closed (center). After doing that for all 26 cards, they were ready for the ring (right)!
Easy and awesome. And Olivia actually likes them! Yay.

I've been literally talking about the letters of the alphabet lately. Out of the blue I'll ask her, "Can you say B?" "Beh!" she says back and we cheer. Then we list off "B" words - banana, ball, box. Of course it'll be months before she really gets this, but the best time to plant a tree is now, yeah? I'm here to help that girl learn! Especially letters and words. Having a love for words and knowing how to use them has so blessed my life - in both natural and unique ways. Literacy is a gift, and I'm going to give it to my children.

P.S. For kicks - some footage from Snow Day #1. The one on the left was the first time I recorded video with Olivia (why did I wait for forever??), and you bet we kept going (ie, the right). Of course she said "Dada" when I asked her to say "Mom..." HA.
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