Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello! We're back! Like we're back in Provo. And I'm feeling mixed about it. We hardly made it past the Christmas part of being home before the week was over, but at least the Christmas part was a blast (and at least our reason for coming home was mega family party)Here are some snapshots in a particular order, actually, from the morning of Christmas Eve to the evening of Christmas Day...

Call it a little kickoff - cheers to 'nog! My dad loves egg nog. Every year Mom buys Southern Comfort for him (the best brand, he says).
Elder Nick, my brother, chatted with us from Germany on Christmas Eve morning! Of the three Christmas calls we've had with him, this one was by far the clearest. He was seeping with goodness - his voice, his thoughts, his smile. We're kind of thrilled that in TWO WEEKS he's back for good. 

Nail party! This was Olivia's first pedi.
She was like, "Mama! Nails! Now!" She never tells me what to do these days... ;)
My Grandpa & Grandma Gubler host a smashing family party every Christmas Eve. They're darling, and are always so generous with their home and the gifts they give (all 50+ of us). And I think my grandma is actually Mrs. Clause.
Olivia met Santa. She shrieked in terror at the sight of him, but now loves looking at his pic. Recovery!
Christmas jammie party! Olivia is never at the heart of her uncles' attention, and they do not think she is funny. They did not like it when Olivia gave Isaac a "Noggin! Duuuuuude."
Santa brought Olivia a dolly and a mini stroller. Yayyyy! Now our walks around Wymount will be extra amazing...
She saw a dog :) 
Sister Em chatted us from Manhattan! Emily has been serving her mission in New York for nearly a year and she is doing fabulous. Her convo was such a blast. She has her own iPad, so she walked us around the Manhattan church building and out onto the street. Three people came up to chat with her - and us - while she was showing us the city. Who said that New Yorkers aren't friendly??

The rest of Christmas day was play play play.
Olliblocks! So these are the most darling toys in existence. I had so much fun making the Original set for Olivia at Thanksgiving, I decided she just had to have the Fairytale set for Christmas (mothers have no sway in their children's Christmas gifts, right?) ;) 
Milk glass and pretty roses - Merry Christmas to my mama! - these are two of her favorite things. My mom used to call me "Jeni Rose" when I was little little, because I would ask my dad to cut roses from our yard so that I could give them to my mom since "Mom needs roses!" I totally forgot about that, though, until after I gave my mom roses this Christmas, and she reminded me of the good ol' days. Mom needs roses! Good things should never change.
She claimed some stairs, of course :)
I felt so full by the end of Christmas day - like emotionally full, except physically I was bursting, too (we ate entirely too much food).  It was all the giving. I mean, I got to plan an entire Christmas for Olivia (Santa's job rocks), and then all that was given to Ryan and me was humbling. We're lucky to have our families, and to have them living in the same city is a mega gift itself. Merry Christmas 2013!!! It's going down as one of the best.
P.S. Look at last year's Merry Christmas pic, IE Olivia


  1. So cute. I love that doll. Santa brought he brunette one for my little girl too.

    1. Ah! A brunette one? Darling. I love that :)


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