Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Her bonafide scowl.  It (obviously) came out in full force the other day while we were walking around - something we're doing a lot of lately. No fabulous person or thing in this world could have eeked a smile out of her. 

That scowl has been making its appearance so often 15-months-old a hard age for everybody? Everything has become so surprisingly short - nap time, temper, patience, attention span. We're oh so pleasantly doing one thing, then bam! She no longer approves. We've just cleaned up every last tupperware container, then bam! Every book is off the shelf. We're eating, then bam! She's smacked the spoon of oatmeal out of my hand. Scowl.

I don't know about the attitude thing, other than it comes and goes and we're learning how to ride its waves (emphasis on we). I do know, though, that my heart would hurt without Olivia. What would I do without her infectious curiosity? Or her awesome enthusiasm? Or seriously joyful soul? My life would be a bore, and I would miss that scowl.

Costs and benefits. Mothering takes my patience, but gives me back much more - the one-and-only Olivia.


  1. Oh, I can relate! Ashton is doing the same thing right now--throwing food everywhere right after I've finished vacuuming up his last mess, becoming bored and crying after only seconds of playing, etc. But he's so darn cute when he's being a little monster! And I use that word lovingly ;-)

  2. That cute little snowy bottom!!! She is too precious.

  3. She is the cutest and most expressive baby alive. This is the conclusion that I have come to.


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