Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Man. Wasn't Thanksgiving two days ago? Hello, December 4 (I can just feel how quickly this month will pass by)!

The snow here is unbelievable, and yet so believable for Utah. Winter's story was the same last year: there once was a sunny November, and then bam! December came, a chilly month with fluffy snow. I remember looking out the window at the sunshine just after Thanksgiving '12 and thinking "Holy. Will it ever snow?" Then bam. December came. A chilly month with fluffy snow...

And bam! Yesterday we were hit with snow on a car-less day, so we two partied inside. I flopped on being uber creative, as we just did the normal stuff, but I'm sure I'll redeem myself on a pending day-in...
We read and read, forged our friendship with Crayola, and played "I'm gonna get you...!!!" We watched her faves, the Bible Videos and Tangled Ever After (she laughs so hard during that one, it kills me). We made hot cocoa! And I told her stories! I just read up on the development of 12-18 month-olds and memory development is big, so for the first time ever I made stories up for Olivia that I told and re-told. She oh'ed, oooh'ed, and ahh'ed (she's merciful). We also played "Which hand is the penny in?" That game was a winner.

I said, "Olivia! Will you smile at me??" She turned to me for .2 seconds while spinning around as Jingle Bells played...and that was the end of photos for the day. Hopefully you get the picture - she's happy and cute and I love her? :) 
Snow climbed up our window as we played. I think we'll survive this winter mostly because Olivia is patient with me - I'm learning how to mother in seasons (time to become the seriously creative mama). Oh happy snow day! 
P.S. We trimmed the tree on Monday night, and Olivia loved everything about it. We were warned that the Christmas season with your own children surpasses all things magical in the world and it's true. I love Olivia! I love Christmas!


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