Wednesday, December 11, 2013
First off, hi. :) 

So Olivia's hair is taking a looong time to grow. I mean, the odds weren't really in her favor - I was bald til 2-ish-years-old (oi)! Recently Girlie Glue came to our hair-doing resuce - they asked us to give their glue a "go" and share our thoughts about it. They're wanting to spread the good news, but really, they just took compassion on my still nearly-hairless daughter, right? ;) 

So what's our 411? Girlie Glue is as it claims - long-lasting, natural (made with my fave, agave!), and so easy to use. Olivia doesn't like headbands and barrettes weigh on her fine hair, so Girlie Glue is the option for babes like her (it's the answer for mamas who want to do their nearly-hairless daugher's hair like me)!

It did take us a bit to get used to - what toddler is naturally okay with something stuck to their head? But bow-wearing became beloved just after a couple weeks. I'll ask her, "Do you want to wear a bow?" and she nods and says "Yeah yeah!" Girlie Glue is also a toy, did you know?? Putting the cap on the tube is Olivia's fave...
My favorite thing is that it washes off in seconds. We attend church meetings for three hours every Sunday, and by the third hour, Olivia's wiggles basically force her to pull off her bow. But even a wipee cleans the glue right away - no worries about having post-bow, glueish hair when out and about. Yes!

Here, look. We took off the bow yesterday to show you how magically it cleans up. See the glue?
After giving that spot a quick scrub with a wet washcloth, she looked like this five minutes later. Clean and dry. And glowing, as always.
So, we'd (obvoiusly) really like to give a tube of Girlie Glue away. To make another girl's nearly-hairless head as darling as Olivia's would be ours and Girlie Glue's dream come true!
To enter, please like Girlie Glue's Facebook page and re-pin at least TWO of their Pinterest pins. Comment back here after doing both (and leave your email)! The giveaway will close next Monday. Thank you, Girlie Glue!


  1. Liked and pinned :)! Olivia is so photogenic! cnhelbling@gmail.com

  2. Liked and pinned! :)

  3. Check and check! I sure do love Olivia's expressions :) jennabauer3@gmail.com

  4. Since I already have a few tubes I won't enter, but I will say ditto. This stuff is awesome. While my older has enough hair to wear whatever she wants in it, the twins don't seem to have the same genes! And Olivia's adorable.


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