Friday, December 13, 2013
From Tuesday’s journal entry: “Just had the girl’s night of the year with my Provo-roommate friends. How blessed was I to have those ladies to myself for most of my BYU adventure? So much has happened since our time together, but oh so little has changed…”

(P.S. remember that sometimes blurry pics are the best pics nice strangers can take, and you love them regardless?)
We reunited at The Chocolate after seeing only snippets of each other for a long while – one for as long as 18 months as she served an LDS mission in San Diego. We (obviously) didn’t waste time together and didn't mess around.

We remembered our insanity, like initiating the Roommate Olympics (sweat+tears from laughing = that night). We remembered being so crowded every morning, as we all attempted to get ready between two sinks and one mirror. We remembered that from boys to homework to cleaning checks – we had each other’s backs. We lived such a real, good, college life together - the best of kinds!
I left that night with a spring in my step, the yellow personality in me fully charged.  I mean, when was the last time I threw up jazz hands for a photo, the fourth grade?! Maybe that's why Marjorie Hinckley said “Women need women” – a statement that spoke to me years ago - and one that I'm clearly still coming to grasp. I'm finding that we women need each other as friends to stay lively and happy and real (especially women that are mamas)! While husbands, fathers, and brothers uniquely meet our needs, there's a novel bond between women, I'd say. It's one that I'm grateful to have forged with many, especially the ladies above. 

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5 | The Piano Guys on "O Come, Emmanuel." Gave me chills. 


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