Monday, November 25, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving week! This holiday and what it does to people - everybody's sharing what they're grateful for. Outloud. My news feeds are posted with expressions of thanks for things like cats, husbands, and hot cocoa. I love it. I'm jumping on this train!

I am thankful for this wee threesome. They play nearly daily and I don't know who loves it more - the girls or their mamas. They are perfectly different as they come. One of them is always watchful, one is always sweet, and one is always bursting...(just watch their faces!)
 And one is always a bit sassy...
All of them, always, are absolutely darling. Watching them makes me thankful for littles and that right now my work revolves around children. I'm thankful for the chance to mold them, especially Olivia. How I treat them makes a difference in their lives. How they have treated me has made a difference in mine! A child can make even an old scrooge see the light. And I am thankful for friendship and unique personalities, i.e. these girls!!!  I love 'em.


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