Wednesday, November 13, 2013
I tell you, Olivia has this sitting thing going on. As much as she runs around, falls down, and jumps back up, that girl sits in her spots.

Spot #1 is on Dad's trumpet case, tucked in the corner of our living room (fact to be continued...). Spot #2 is the bottom step of our stairscases outside. She waddles over, takes a seat, and then invites me to join her. Ah! The nicest :) But seriously, I adore that she wants me there.
While we sit at the stoop, if we're lucky we find a rolly-polly bug. And if we're luckier, a friend rides by to gawk with us. Both happened yesterday, so we were the luckiest.
Mega thanks to my sister, Kimbee, for seeing this moment, grabbing my camera, and freezing it. Really, Olivia and I just do simple things together - like stooping. In fact, to some mothering seems real boring, even unimportant, because it's so simple - you read, walk, talk, and listen. But man, that's real life! Stooping and looking at rolly-polly bugs - that's our real life. And it's simply a beautiful one.
Grateful that these photos have frozen our everday. Soon grown-up Olivia and I will love them togetherCan't wait.


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