Friday, November 22, 2013
So I've been stuck between a rock and hard place. I've been here before, but this time I've felt really stuck. Stuck between focusing on myself and focusing on Olivia. Mothering is hard and mostly for that reason, I'd say. I mean, I spent the last 10 years of my life pretty much working for me. Yes I helped others along the way, but really? I was after my own goals and dreams.

Intro Olivia. A woman-in-the-making! That gorgeous spirit has her own goals and dreams. She doesn't know what she's destined for yet; I don't either. But the more I watch, notice, and encourage her, the more she'll believe in herself, find those goals, and grab them. As I dream for her, I'll live my truest dream - to be a phenomenal mother.

When you push someone up a hill, you get closer to the top yourself...

I'm not really stuck. Just learning again how to make more room for the both of us.
Photos via a warm, sunshiney, gorgeous day - the antidote for today's stormy gloom!

The Week's Faves - something new to this blog, but not new to the blog world (ie and ie). I've wanted to start linking great posts and ideas from others for a while - the spreading of good things is good! Go and enjoy...

1 | Lex's Colorful Life Series. Color is good. Love how she's spreading its joy. 
2 | Christmas gifting ideas via Momegranate - all less than $25!
3 | Shawni's explanation of this petition. I signed! How about you? 
4 | Kelly in Uganda - my favorites here and here

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  1. Well said Jeni! I feel like I am constantly trying to balance my development and needs with Emily's. I love the idea (truth) that we are improving and growing together.


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