Wednesday, November 20, 2013
That package was plopped on our doorstep last Saturday. Full to the brim and heavy, we pushed and pushed it inside - and I really mean "we." Olivia helped, naturally :)

It was sent with love from We R Memory Keepers - the crafting company that has come up with everything (see herehere, and my favorite, here). They asked me to join their Studio Team, and I replied, "Uhhh, yes." That means I will use their products to create - anything! - for my home, family, and friends. Every month, I'll share at least one thing that I make here with you, too. Starting now...

November's Project 1: a Thankful Tree (finally!), via brown paper stuffing that came in the package, leaves from our steps, cardstock, and some Sticky Thumb.
For Family Night, we wrote our thanks on the leaves and stuck them on the tree one-by-one. Note Olivia's leaf - the big yellow one - and her "thanks" for cheese, friends, and blueberries. What a blast! Being grateful makes you happy, hence the love the world has for the holiday season (me included). 
Project 2: "Thank You!" gifts for friends via the Journaling Cards. Yes, this paper was designed for scrapbooking, but I've been looking for a quick+cute way to give my friends "thank you's." Behold...
The simple little gifts - a note from me, a blank note card for them to write a "thanks" to someone else, and more paper to do whatever with. That was that. Easy!
Confession: nothing is better than creating and sharing with others. You can catch this bug to be creative, to cultivate beauty in your life, to share it, and heavens I've caught it (ie, this blog)! So be prepared for more projects to come. And send ideas and tips my way, will you?? I'd love it.

This collaboration couldn't be better. Thank you so, We R!


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