Monday, October 21, 2013
The day began with a celebration for a mama-to-be, her almost-here-baby, and only a handful of some amazing Wymount women. I'm pretty spoiled to have a billion friends for neighbors that I adore. Really spoiled. 

Shandon, Talli, Taive, and Blake were in Provo (move back!!) and they introduced me to The Wall...

The place is campus' new hot spot, I'm told (because I'm an ol' grad and way out of the loop). But with its italian soda bar, chalk wall, burgers flying off the grill, and flatscreens flashing football games - it's like, duh ;) My fave part was Cosmo off to the side. He's a smiler.
Ryan took a break from studying and met us at The Wall, so Olivia and I walked our favorite man in the whole world back to the Lib when the studies called again. He's a hard worker, that guy. We kissed him goodbye ten thousand times because we love him so.
Then the two of us walked back to the apartment, just a few minutes north. We awed at the marvelous leaves en route. My heart was near bursting for the beauty that life can hold. Friends, sweet family, color, my man, this season of life - maybe my thanks for it all was palpable? Probably.

I so love this corner of Provo...our sweet home that frames our simple life.


  1. Those last two pictures are so lovely!! Isn't provo beautiful this time of year? I love it.


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