Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Monday morning found me running with first rays of the sun and the last of the moon, my head wrapped up in a hoodie. The air was chilly - the kind that makes your lungs feel alive and your legs feel fast. Hellooo, happiness!

Fittingly, that afternoon, I read this thread of comments on an Instagram about falling in love with running. Commentors said to the lady and the photo of her Nikes, "Just stick with it." "You've got to keep going!" And I couldn't agree more. If you want to fall in love with running, have at it - over and over again - for a good month. That's when you see and feel results.

I started running track as a freshman in high school. That first month was torturous. Daily, during practice, I crafted excuses as to why I couldn't come back tomorrow. But the only place tomorrow found me was the track (by some miracle).

The second month of track was marvelous. I breathed fully. I thought freely. I felt so alive! I slimmed down after running consistnetly for 30ish days. Better yet, I found an incredible emotional release. In my book, there are two strong solutions that guarantee emotional stress to escape the soul. Exercise is one of them, no matter the type. A refreshed mind and a grateful heart - those results from exercising the body are my favorite of all.

If you're at an exercise starting line, or you've hit a wall, I echo those commentors: stick with it! Be grateful for the capacity to use your body and use it (like via run? :) I've never once regretted a healthy dose of exercise - and you won't either. Promise we never will. 

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  1. I love just dreaming about running this time of year when the weather is changing so quickly and it just feels good to breathe outside. Hope to join you in 4 weeks - thanks for the inspirational post :)


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