Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Olivia and I kidnapped Kimbee and Taylor this afternoon, our favorite freshmen. We stole away to Sundance, just because we can. And because we should. It's fall!

Oh Sundance! Let me live there, in a cabin, with wood moldings, and my family. Especially in the fall. One day...
We walked around the base, hand-in-hand for babe and me. We bought a sandwich and drank in mountain air. Olivia met a dog. And we chatted.
 Girl talk. My fave :)
Oh mountains! I am grateful for them, with their leaves and color. I am grateful for sweet Kimbee and Taylor. I am grateful for Olivia. We're so bonded. Stuck like glue.

I am grateful for peace. Finding, creating, and preserving peace - that's a good chunk of what life is about for me. And today in the shadow one of God's best creations (in my book), with girls I so love, I felt peace. And I loved it. 

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