Friday, October 4, 2013
This afternoon, as Olivia slept, I made muesli. The house was still, minus the rustling that comes from tossing a bunch of dried fruit, oats, and nuts together. My family is Sundance-bound for General Conference, and I'm in charge of Saturday's breakfast. Basically for the first time in my life, I'm cooking for my family. And I can't believe we're that family - the big, old kind - that divvies up meals for holidays.

Growing up is weird. And exciting.

Now a few of my favorite things from this week...

1 | Finding that there muesli recipe, because truly, it's perfect - not too bland, not too sweet. I've been a 101 Cookbooks fan for years. Heidi never lets me down. 

2 | Physique 57. I did three of their online workouts this week and loved them. The technique is so amazingly good.

3 | Ryan took his last practice LSAT yesterday because - tomorrow. Saturday! He takes the real thing. This fact is absolutely my fave. 

Life is so beautiful. Even though Olivia has turned into a picky eater, and the outside world has turned into an ice box, whatev. All is well.


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