Wednesday, October 30, 2013
... if I didn't take a post to say "thank you."

Wish you could read the amazing amount of consoling words that have come our way.

Wish you could have indulged last night's dinner, unexpectedly dropped off by a neighbor.

Wish you could feel the energy I have from your expressions of confidence in us, and better yet, in God.

I'm typically a private person, and frankly, mum was going to be THE word about what happened with baby two; I'm the type that keeps calm, smiles, and carries on. In fact, most of yesterday's post was my journal entry from Monday night. Tuesday morning rolled around and I felt a strong pull to come here and share what I'd written...so feeling pretty vulnerable, I did.

And just a short day later, I can see why that pull was drawing me to share. My openness with you taught me that some of our trials should be endured with others (not all, but some). I tell you, trudging through this with a few hundred loving people has made the climb so much sweeter.

So thank you, also, for listening. Hoping with all of my heart that you get some blessings back for being awesome.

**A post isn't a post without a picture, so enjoy a moment from our Sunday. Dad's snapping and Olivia's saying "Ohhhhhhhh!" That's what our darling girl says to everything these days - plants, pets, people, pumpkins... :)


  1. LOVE the photo Jeni! What a sweet family moment.

  2. I totally agree with you! Some trials are worth sharing with others. In fact, I've had a couple miscarriages myself and after sharing the news with some family members, was told how selfish it was for me to disclose the information. I was told that things like miscarriages should be kept private. But, I did not. I shared with others and gained so much strength during that time and learned a lot about others and their trials. Interesting how life plays out sometimes, but it's all worth it!

    1. Ohhh Kels! I'm sorry about your miscarriages, too...so sorry. Makes me even happier about your babe-to-be. And amen to learning about others and their trials via sharing your own. People.are.amazing. You included.


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