Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Remember when we ran the Temple to Temple 5K? I took these photos of the up-and-coming City Center Temple then, through that lovely chain link fence.

I was reminded of them during Linda S. Reeve's ennobling thoughts about this temple, via Saturday's Relief Society Broadcast. A shell-of-a-building, the heart of that place will soon be full, different than it was before, and so much better. All thanks to fire.

Amazing, isn't it? I soaked up that thought like a sponge. Every word. Trials are okay, in fact, if you let God work His magic, they are good. Since I'm not presently enduring a super scary, heavy, or unbearable something, I tucked that truth into my heart and the peaceful feeling that came with it. Heat and pressure and change is refining. There is beautiful purpose in trial. I believe that.

Then the prophet, President Monson, said that prayer is key. I believe that, too. But I want to believe it even more. These aren't his words from the meeting verbatim, but it's what I heard: "Pray pray pray. You must. I pray about everything. I need prayer, and so do you."

It's a gift to talk with God through prayer. And yet, I often use the gift so insincerely. But since the prophet said to pray more and pray better, I will. I must.

There were two other genius talks given at the meeting, and touching music was gifted. Watch and listen to all of it here. You'll be glad you did. 


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