Friday, September 20, 2013
So eating birthday cake for the first time makes for one consternated one-year-old, and not a very birthday-esque photo. But hey - that girl and this shot? Perfection!

One year ago - at this very minute, actually! - that first contraction hit my back as I stood at the kitchen sink. Just like everybody said, my clenching muscles stopped me dead. The tightening forced me to hold my breath. My labor to bring Olivia into the world had begun. The most miraculous adventure as her mother had started.

One bold, bright, and beautiful year into this dream, here's a smidgen of what I've learned:

Time flies. Parenting is the most thrilling roller coaster you'll ever ride! Surviving on terrible sleep is totally possible. Literally, the heart grows in its capacity to love. The simplest, smallest of things (and people!) come with the biggest, grandest of impacts. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. If all else fails, just put on mascara. Smile. Cry. Breathe. All will be well. 

If one year alone has metamorphosed me so, can you imagine what the next fifty will bring? I've the slightest idea: awesome growth, sacrifice, and joy beyond compare. Here we go!


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