Friday, September 13, 2013
Food is good for nursing mamas. You can eat six meals a day, plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are hungry.
However, at six-months pregnant with Olivia, I was craving the results of a good fast: feeling cleansed, humbled, self-disciplined, and best of all, extra close to my Heavenly Father. 

So I prayed about a sacrifice to make that would 1) really challenge me, and 2) still my soul and bring me closer to God. My answer? Forego social media, online shopping, and online perusing for one straight week. Wellll, you can bet I've had some pitiful fasts over the last year; I've fasted this way while nursing, too. Refraining from consuming online media is an adult's marshmallow test. Times ten. 

But my latest fast for September was the sweetest yet. After giving 100% to focusing my time on God and others, instead of anything online media, I felt the results of a good fast. I felt cleansed, self-disciplined, and extra close to Heavenly Father. Quiet stillness filled my mind versus rolling statuses, Instas, look books, and pins. I reflected on my privileges. I refocused my priorities. Humility and enlightenment resulted.

So props go to fasting - even while eating food. And I don't think a week-long media fast is right for everybody, it's been good to me and for me. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. 


P.S. For the sake of sharing happiness and record keeping, during my fast I still contribute our happenings via this blog and Instagram. Contribute > consume. That's my standard.

P.P.S. Since lds.org can only raise a person up, that's the one online place I go while fasting. Enjoy some gems from thereabouts last week!

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  1. Jeni!
    You are such an inspiration! I love media fasts, ever since my first month long "tv fast in high school. It's amazing how easy it is to get wrapped up in media, especially negative media, all the time. Thanks for contributing uplifting media for "consumption". :)

  2. You're the cutest and such an inspiration. You can always make someone smile.

  3. Jeni, your blog is phenomenal! I love the way you write and how frank you are. Truly high-quality.

    Also, this media-fasting is a really good idea! Over the summer, I visited one of my sisters for about a week. She didn't have internet the whole time (she's out in the country), so I didn't spend any time online--I just enjoyed my family, and got to give some slow-paced attention to Levi and my nieces. I will have to remember this for the next time I'm pregnant/breastfeeding.


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