Monday, September 16, 2013
So the following happens day daily. More than a few times: 

Olivia hunts me down, and with a "Little People" book in hand she says, "Eh?" (translation) "Read this, please?" So we read the little book. Again and again and again.

We read while changing dirty diapers - she holds the book, I tell the story, she turns the pages. She would rather die than sit still. Books alone get us through such necessary torture.

I find Olivia reading to herself. She turns the page, nods her head, jibbers profoundness, and turns the page. All while the book is upside down.

Olivia loves her books as much as mozzarella cheese and friends at the playground. And I love that about my one-year-old (woo woo!) Olivia.

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  1. i love that little bookworm! your pictures are absolutely adorable. love you jen!


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