Monday, September 9, 2013
Sayonara to this hands and knees stuff.
Olivia babe is this close to walking! We practice daily per her demand, so holding hands is just how we roll. But the second she realizes that sticking her arms out will keep her torso upright and legs stable (enough), she will be running. And so will I. 
I'm soaking up walking practice while it's being offered. Her white-knuckled hands as she grips my finger and excited glances at me - "Mama!!" - they're bits of baby gold. You only get to live some moments of mothering once, and obviously helping your baby learn to walk is one of them. It's fleeting and oh so sweet.
And life? Rocks. I worry that my recent thoughts around here sound "boo hoo, life stinks," especially about law school prep, because holy, life is exciting! To think that we have enough guts, grit, and pennies (barely - this law school application stuff is expensive!) to take a stab at law school is a blessing, not a burden. Even more, to think that Ryan has the willpower to spend so much energy on studying so that he can be a great future law student and ultimately a provider - that fills a wife with gratitude to overflowing. I'm in good hands. Now and for forever.


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