Thursday, September 19, 2013
Wow. Where has this week gone? Monday was four days ago, but I just posted here. I swear! At least I wrote here and here over at The Small Seed. And Momegranate stuff has been rolling off the press every day (excuses)! ;) 

Wish you could see my house right now. Dishes, crumbs, stacking cups, a stretched out yoga mat, and four pairs of shoes surround me in a six-step radius. But there's also a bouquet of yellow daises on the table to my left, so actually? This place is fresh, bright, and clean. Right.

So Ryan and the LSAT are getting along just fine. His practice test scores are only getting happier! Better yet, the LSAT and me are getting along great. Since talking about this venture of ours gratefully vs. fearfully, I've felt incredibly better about the matter. Really, incredibly better. Amazing what a good dose of optimism and trust does for the soul. 

Enjoy some photos of Olivia being thunderstruck by a flash hail-rain storm two days ago. The show started and ended in minutes, and mesmerizing minutes they were. Ohhh I love my Olivia!


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