Monday, September 30, 2013
So of course there's spring cleaning, but I tend to gut my nest every autumn. The mama bear in me must sense the pending hibernation. Or maybe it's the hopeful in me that senses the year's end, and I want to be clean, accomplished, and happy as it comes.

Whatever, I just love cleaning out in the fall. So that's why Olivia is "putting on her clothes" from her drawers here. She worked at that for a good hour and I organized like mad.

My heart and mind got a good cleaning out last week, too. I started reading Stephanie Nielsen's memoir, and man. She's polishing my perspective like windex does my mirrors. Her tragedy-turned-triumph jolted my sense of mobility and gratitude. Favorite line so far - "Share your hope."

What would the world would be like - online and off - if that was everyone's intent? Inspiring.

Then, Saturday afternoon, Mare and I got pedicures because it's been years for us both (gasp! years??) Yes. Years. I know a real wise lady, and she once said that you can do anything with a pedicure and a priesthood blessing. I'll add - and with a best friend. From the pampering, to our convos, to our laughs, that hour-and-a-half date made me into a new woman.

Then, Saturday evening, I watched this broadcast. Much more on that tomorrow. Cleansing and good, it filled me to the brim.

Cheers to a cleaner, promising week! I'm excited.

More of Olivia being excited about putting on clothes :)

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