Monday, September 2, 2013
Stumbled across this on Saturday. Proof. Autumn is coming.

My feelings about this season change are mixed like the vanilla-chocolate swirly kind of ice cream cone. Both flavors are sweet, but if I am to pick one taste of the two, I choose chocolate. And in this season situation, I choose summer.

Although I surprise myself in saying that; I've always welcomed autumn with open, cardigan-covered arms. I'm just not ready to put my shorts away.

Thank goodness something great is coming with this season: the LSAT's passing and submitted law school applications (glorious will be the day when this phase is behind us)! Autumn's colors are beautiful and cardigans are delightful. Introducing this season to Olivia for real will also be good - she's a curious toddler this year versus a sleepy newborn. Yep watch out fallen, raked, and crinkly leaves. We're coming for you!

P.S. Happy Labor Day!


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