Monday, August 12, 2013
Lucky me, I married into some great, big, awesome extended families.

Literally, the Awerkamps are tall and competitive, and considering that I'm short and not competitive, being with the 50-or-so of them always does me some good. Our recent reunion was one big game-playing party, which is what a family gathering should be if you're an Awerkamp, I've come to learn. And I love that. Keeps things exciting.

"The Olympics" and all its festivities is always a highlight...

Olivia had a new crowd of fans, and if she hadn't been kind of sick, she would have loved their incredible attention, but... :)
So grateful for these sweet grandparents! My time with them so far has shown that they're believers in families playing together (because those are the ones that stay together, right?). Grateful for my big Awerkamp family! It's fun to be a part of something truly great. 


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