Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Nearly stripped to their skivvies to really enjoy their melon fest...sometimes sticky food is better that way.

This summer has been so delicious to me, and while it's still 99 degrees out there mid-day, I felt a twinge of transition this know, that one feeling that summer is turning toward its sunset.

Ryan will soon be occupied with school, final LSAT studies, the test, and then law school applications. Thinking about him being off and away makes me a bit sad and nervous...I should be more willing to let him be a student, but mothering can be harder for me when he's split as a father. That's a tried and true truth, through and through.

But this good truth is also tried and true: the future is as bright as your faith. I've learned from mothering that your every day is as glorious as you make it out to be. Gratitude is a choice, happiness is the result. The pending season can be as sweet as the present one.

So I will soak up every ray of sweet, summery August, and look toward the change with bright, hopeful eyes. Sunsets, really, can be so beautiful...I think the coming one will be spectacular.


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