Friday, August 16, 2013
100% fresh, locally grown ingredients + a neapolitan wood-fired brick oven
I don't know what they do | But it's amazing

So I obviously don't have the "how-to's" for this one, but this real good food is sooo worth sharing.

Fiore Wood Fired Pizza , the coolest mobile pizzeria, opened its oven last summer - and I'm serious -  Ryan and I never loved food more than when we ate the marghetrita. And we're not pizza people - we didn't seek Fiore's out. We tried it by chance one summery night, and heavens, food sparks flew

So finding Fiore's this summer officially made this dish an ultimate family favorite. I could indulge you with gooey details about the pizzas (like the bruschetta, sweet corn+bacon, and the pistachio...) but I'll be brief: they are the best. Why? You can literally see, smell, and above all, taste that the ingredients are fresh and real. That's why it's a bit of heaven in your mouth. That's why it is real good food. That's why we love Fiore's. 

We follow the truck via Facebook where they post their weekly stops. We're finding Fiore again next Thursday at the Stadium Farmers Market...mouth's drooling already at the thought.

So don't make dinner tonight or this weekend - find Fiore and get a pizza. Cheers.


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