Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Wish I could've had a smile from that girl, but man, she and that splash pad were all business!

Streams and spurts and splashes, this new way of playing in water was pretty amazing. Olivia has loved water from the very very start, and since the splash pad = water and mobility, she's found a new love, that aqua babe.

Bet she'll smile more next time we go, since she's "been here, done this," you know. Ohhh her discoveries! They are so fun. How I love introducing her to the fun things of this world, even just a little splash pad. I think Olivia was born at the perfect time of year, because being a baby-turning-toddler in the summer has been a blast.

Bless these warm, inviting, and adventurous months! They do mamas and babes so much good. 


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