Thursday, August 8, 2013
And then the smoothie cup left its circular mark around her face, and I thought all the cuteness might kill me.

That girl may have tiring "hold me!" fits and she can cry something fierce, but I adore her.

Every last baby, squishy, messy, curious, growing ounce of her!


  1. LOVE.

    BTW, a while back you posted your favorite newborn products. We're expecting our first this December and I remember back in the day wanting to reference that post of yours once the time came. Do you have it on hand by chance?

    1. Katie! Ohh congratulations!! I am so happy to hear that! You will be a natural. Your babe is already lucky to call you "mama."

      So I just scoured my old blog looking for that post, but I could NOT find it anywhere...how weird is that? However the gist of the products were Alden + Anais swaddles, the Solly Baby Wrap, the Snap n' Go Stroller, Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, and Lavender Aveeno body wash...hope I didn't forget anything.

      In my searching I did find a post on my favorite pregnancy products, in case your looking for something to help with stretch marks and such :) http://jengub.blogspot.com/2012/08/my-most-preferred-pregnancy-edition.html


    2. Thank you, thank you! These are VERY helpful.

      And guess what? We're having a girl, too! SOO excited!


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