Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Say hello to The Small Seed - my newest venture here in the blogging world! 

A beautiful blog and happy place online, The Small Seed was designed to be healthy ground for planting and growing seeds of faith in God. I'm thrilled to have a home at this inspired place, and I can't wait for you to find a bit of home there, too. 

My dear friend, Lizzy, launched The Small Seed in May just before entering the Yale University Hospital where she, and her then un-born mono-mono twins, were inpatients for two whole months. Inspiring, crazy, and miraculous all at once, Lizzy's faith is impressive and infectious. Her conviction has inspired hundreds already.

In June, Lizzy asked if I would join her at The Small Seed as a collaborator, along with the pharmacist-to-be, Kelly, and the lovely artist, Brittany. We four make up a dynamic team, one different in experience but identical in faith. Each of us believes that God is real, involved in everyone's life, and so worth speaking of. 

As a collaborator, I'll write at The Small Seed consistently, find others worldwide to share their stories of faith, and work behind the scenes to help the blog flourish. Exciting, humbling, and of course intimidating, I'm determined to work hard for The Small Seed and its already has a piece of my heart. 

Let's grow our faith together at The Small Seed, shall we? You know that from small seeds come big, wonderful things, like watermelon, peonies, and sequoia trees...who knows how great our planted and nourished faith in God can grow to be! Greatness so often comes from simplicity - even from small seeds of faith. 


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