Friday, August 9, 2013

Recently, Fridays around here have been dedicated to good food, but I'm putting a pause on the menu for today and giving a shout-out to how sweet it is to share your faith with others.

I just posted over at The Small Seed - I shared one of my stories of faith. Without giving the whole gist away, I'll say that I wrote about how I feel as a young, twenty-something mother, despite the modern norm to just keep dancing like I'm 22. It was good for me to share what I believe in a respectful, positive way - it only took my roots deeper and further grounded my faith.

And that's the point of this post here today: if you plant your faith by speaking of it with others, you'll only come to further believe in what you know to be true.

So talk about something you love and believe with a friend of yours this weekend. I can say from experience that doing so will bless your life and bring you joy. Your faith will positively grow!


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