Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Olivia,

The other morning, bright and early, you attacked the toilet paper (please see above). I wasn't quite ready for such a prompt mess, but you were real happy so that's how it went. 

You're into everything at this young, bright age, and I can't fathom what next month will bring... what else can you disassemble around these small parts? A little curiosity and time will tell. That's how ten-months-old goes. 

Your opinions are strong and you make them known - the clearest sign being the muscle clench. Your bum, legs, and arms tighten up when letting us know that something's a "no." And while we so respect you expressing your genuine emotion, it can be hard not to laugh when you clench. You can be so dang cute even when unhappy, is all. 

Love you so so so much, our growing girl. Times ten. And then ten more.

Your doting mama + dad

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